Optimise the literacy and dexterity of people to use enabling workplace technology.

Organisations must transform for the new demands of modern, distributed working. Investments in technology should also be investments in people, because new capabilities should allow individuals to do more and develop their skills. And insights should be built-into transformation plans, so organisations can make more effective decisions in the years ahead.


However, many organisations have been left counting the cost after buying devices and platforms but failing to train teams effectively or make the case for the change to working practices. Instead of creating intelligence-driven smart workplaces, they’ve alienated staff and wasted resources.


Computacenter brings the necessary workplace experience to ensure effective education, adoption and engagement at all stages of technological transformation. Employees are kept informed and involved through champions networks and creative tactics including gamification. Workplaces gather quantifiable insights, and encourage analysis that leads to action.


This means empowered, upskilled people, producing better work in more streamlined ways, and an organisation that delivers more for its many stakeholders.

Our Adoption & Engagement Services and Solutions include…

Endpoint Management

The combination of best practice processes and systems management tooling across diverse endpoint platforms to configure, deploy, manage devices and delivers an exceptional experience for the modern workforce.​

Collaboration Management

Intuitive and empowering tools and solutions that make it easy to get work done. Empower your employees to work at their best and collaborate with colleagues – from anywhere​

Field Services & Lifecycle Services

Retain top talent by giving your people the things they crave — flexibility, accessibility and the feeling they are valued.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Maintain an efficient and productive product lifecycle by optimising all steps of our core services in one solution for you.


Our Solutions

Workplace - Cloud & Applications - Data Center - Networking - Security