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Salzgitter AG

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Smooth sailing for Salzgitter AG with a successful rollout of Microsoft 365 across 25 companies.

For more than 150 years, the companies of the Salzgitter Group have been producing steel and technology products. The core competencies lie in the manufacture of rolled steel and tube products, their further processing, and global trade in these products.




In the office and at the plant, Salzgitter AG is increasingly relying on connectivity and digitalisation. Thanks to new communication tools, employees can also work together and communicate with each other flexibly from their home offices. The company laid the foundation with the introduction of Microsoft 365 and provides corresponding value-added services. The long-planned introduction gained a lot of momentum due to the pandemic.




As part of the collaboration, Computacenter was responsible for managing the entire Microsoft 365 project - with a clear roadmap. First, we recorded all of Salzgitter AG's requirements and brought them together conceptually. In the next step, the configuration was carried out in close coordination with the customer. On this basis, a proof of concept (PoC) was tested with various users and - where necessary - adapted. In this way, we laid the foundation for the subsequent implementation.




Computacenter has created a series of training materials that make it easier for employees to use the new Microsoft solutions and illustrate the added value with the help of use cases. Since we've also introduced a series of standard processes, Salzgitter AG is in a position to react promptly to regular further developments of Microsoft 365 Evergreen and to adapt its own processes quickly. The early involvement of the user help desk was also an important factor for user adoption.


As a result of our collaboration with Computacenter, we were able to achieve employee satisfaction of 98 per cent with the PoC, and this makes us all very optimistic for the future.

Stefan Wöhlken - Technical Managing Director TELCAT MULTICOM

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