A new era, a new approach: embracing Windows 10

To maximise productivity in the digital workplace, users need technologies that are mobile, flexible, and intuitive without compromising security. Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, delivers the whole package.

Computacenter helps organisations embrace Windows 10 and all the benefits that come with it – from advanced security and biometric authentication to enhanced compatibility and an evergreen approach to updates. By harnessing these features, organisations can boost efficiency and user satisfaction.


Keeping your Windows 10 deployment Evergreen

Computacenter have developed a unique Evergreen Service to enable you to deploy Windows 10 release more quickly whilst managing the risk.

The service has 4 parts:

  • Super User Testing
  • Deployment
  • Feature Advisory
  • Core Application Validation

Transform your workplace with Windows 10

As more organisations come to appreciate the significant business benefits a modern workplace can bring, the migration from legacy operating systems to Windows 10 continues apace.

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The Computacenter guide to Windows 10

Windows 10 is more than a new operating system, it's a new approach to workplace IT. Discover how the Computacenter approach can help simplify your transition to a Windows 10 world.

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5 things you need to know about Windows 10

There has been much written about Windows 10, but how much do you really know? Our 5 step guide will help put you on the right track.

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Proven processes, guaranteed outcomes

With Computacenter’s help, organisations can minimise the risk and maximise the benefits of Windows 10.

We help our customers:

  • Prepare for migration with our Windows 10 Readiness Assessment
  • Develop and deploy best-practice migration strategies that minimise disruption to users
  • Optimise user adoption with multi-channel materials, training and support services
  • Manage rolling updates with our Managed Windows 10 Evergreen service, which helps test and deploy new releases


Drawing on our expertise and proven processes, organisations can establish a Windows 10 environment that delivers the expected business outcomes.

Scale, experience and expertise

As the largest cross-platform Microsoft deployment partner in Europe, Computacenter is an ideal partner to help organisations take full advantage of the Windows 10 opportunity.

Our Windows 10 credentials include:

  • Computacenter has more than 300 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers
  • Our unique readiness assessments and rapid migration methodologies simplify workplace transformations and mobility initiatives
  • We support more than 2.8 million workplace devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • We hold Microsoft Gold partner status for Desktop, Virtualisation, Volume Licensing, Software Asset Management, Server Platform, Identity and Security and Lync and Voice communications
  • We are a member of Microsoft’s Global Services Executive Partner Council and Global Outsourcers Advisory Council