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Our business model

Computacenter joins its customers on their transformation journey

Our business model

​A long-term partner

Our business model helps us meet our strategic objectives. It drives growth. It encourages innovation. And it strengthens customer relationships. Our goal is to help the CIO enable users and their business in a digital world. We help our customers achieve their transformation goals through long-term partnerships. As part of our Contractual Services offerings we take responsibility for optimising, maintaining and operating large parts of our customers’ IT infrastructures. Our Professional Services teams also help to modernise these infrastructures by undertaking projects on a local and global scale.

When a customer decides to engage Computacenter – whether it’s for a consulting project, a managed service or a sourcing contract – we work with them to ensure we deliver the improvements and value they want for their business in the long term.


Through our Solutions Model, we design and sell end-to-end IT solutions for end-user computing (End user technology) and back-end IT infrastructures. With our Services Model, we cover the complete lifecycle of these solutions from advisory and systems integration (Consult & Change), to product resale and distribution (Source & Deploy) and then maintenance and operations (Manage & Transform). Our Engagement Model ensures that all our services and solutions are managed consistently and continuously improved and aligned to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Solutions Model – Building and managing hybrid digital platforms

Opportunity: From all the opportunities that the ‘shift to digital’ brings to our industry, we have identified the NGSD, Enterprise Mobility, Hybrid and End-user Cloud, and Managed Security Services as the four key areas providing growth potential for Computacenter.

Rationale: As the velocity and variety of technology trends continue to increase, our customers are looking for a partner who is able to identify best-of-breed solutions for their business as well as reduce the complexity of managing these solutions on their behalf.

Strategic objective: By providing innovative solutions that address the IT and business challenges facing our customers, we will build future growth opportunities for Computacenter.

Services Model – Industrialising our service delivery

Opportunity: Customers expect service providers like Computacenter to constantly improve efficiency and drive out cost as part of long term engagements.

Rationale: The off-shoring of service delivery to lower cost locations can prove detrimental to the quality of service that customers receive. Potential financial savings can be severely impacted by the increase in transactional or quality assurance costs. At Computacenter, we believe in right-shoring. This means blending the right mix of on-site, in-country, near-shore and offshore resources for each customer engagement. We expect to deliver even greater productivity gains by using digital technologies that enable automation and self-service.

Strategic objective: To improve our service delivery productivity, we have three streams of activity which are being executed in parallel:

  • 1. Standardising our tools and processes to drive out complexity
  • 2. Right-shoring of our Service Desk and infrastructure management capabilities
  • 3. Driving the integration and automation of our business processes Our Services Model is fundamental to how we support our customers’ transformation and evolution as they adapt to the major trends in the IT industry.

Engagement Model – Digitising customer engagement

Opportunity: The consumerisation of IT and the increasing importance of digital user interfaces and experiences provide another opportunity to improve and enrich the interaction with our customers and their users.

Rationale: The digitalisation of the user interface (see NGSD in ‘Our Strategy’) provides both the prerequisite for improving our service productivity through automated processes and the information needed to achieve stronger customer intelligence and satisfaction.

Strategic objectives: As our digital user interface solution, NGSD will help drive Managed Services growth (see KPI #1) by acting as an incentive for early renewals, as well as a key differentiator when bidding for new business. Our more traditional customer engagement channels (i.e. sales and service management) remain key to maximising and retaining relationships with our customers in the long term. Our Engagement Model helps us to be a truly customer centric business.


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