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Edge computing is accomplished at or near the source of the data instead of in the cloud at one of a dozen data centres. The rise of edge computing doesn’t mean the cloud will disappear; it means the cloud is coming to you. To help your company achieve edge transformation, Computacenter TeraMach offers a comprehensive strategy for leveraging software-defined technologies to transform the wide-area network (WAN). Our approach leverages highly virtualized, cloud-managed solutions that help to reduce costs, accelerate provisioning, and improve operational efficiency. IT teams also gain increased visibility into application performance, along with centralized policy management and enhanced security.


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The Challenge: Poor user experience and latency have been major influences on organizations moving away from the cloud. Support needs to be available for next-gen applications.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Computacenter Edge Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) multi-access edge computing solution is a “branch-in-a-box” that utilizes low-latency edge cloud services for tomorrow’s next-gen applications.

As the name implies, Edge Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) virtualizes routing, WAN acceleration, firewall, and other network services, delivering them via software instead of through dedicated appliances. Our Edge NFV specification calls for an open compute-appliance platform based on NFV that can be installed in base stations and small-cell locations. This NFV infrastructure (NFVI) uses a general-purpose server and leverages an open-source operating system combined with NFVI software.



The Challenge: Traffic to and from remote locations is backhauled through the corporate data centre, causing application latency, privacy and security risks, bandwidth constraints, and increases in cost and management complexity.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Our SD-WAN solutions provide the software abstraction needed to create a network overlay and decouple network software services from the underlying hardware.

The benefits of SD-WAN include:

  • Assured WAN Resiliency
  • Improved Application Performance
  • Optimal Security Policies
  • Increased Network Visibility
  • Cost Savings

SD-WAN helps organizations cut WAN costs by reducing their dependence on MPLS services while helping to maximize availability and ensure quality of service (QoS) for latency-sensitive applications. Computacenter offers best-in-breed SD-WAN solutions with ease of deployment, cloud-based management, and full visibility into application performance. Predefined policies that control how applications are prioritized enable IT teams to optimize WAN performance and respond to changing business requirements.


The Challenge: Companies need to create an effective micro data centre solution that is preconfigured and tested, includes the necessary infrastructure to maintain IT resiliency, and uses open APIs and cloud-based software management tools.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Edge Intelligence combines services, software and hardware. It runs on any hardware platform that supports the Linux CentOS kernel and meets minimum hardware requirements. Microservices scale up or down, depending on the available compute.

Edge Intelligence is a great addition to any IoT solution where cloud or data centre storage costs, application latency, intermittent network connectivity, and site or asset-level reaction time are concerns.


Private LTE

The Challenge: The edge is not just about compute power; it requires secure, high-bandwidth, high-performance connectivity to move data between devices and the edge data centre.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Computacenter gives users the ability to connect using almost any access technology, including cellular, Wi-Fi, CBRS/OnGo, vRANk, and LoRa. Computacenter also offers private LTE for highly secure connectivity when Wi-Fi isn’t an option due to distance, interference, and other challenges. All of Computacenter’s extended mobile access solutions feature zero trust security and location tracking.


Edge Transformation Insights

Read what Computacenter’s Gary Wood has to say about realizing the transformational potential of Edge Computing in a recent Cloud Computing Outlook article.

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