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Technology evolves rapidly, making it difficult for companies to provide adequate operational support. Support models are costly, and organizations often lack the diversity of skill sets needed to manage new technologies. These challenges drive companies to outsource operational services. A managed service provider can augment your IT staff, allowing technology leadership to focus on business strategy and innovation.

The ability to consume technology as an operations expense is becoming popular as more companies migrate away from physical data centres to various cloud models.

Computacenter TeraMach Managed Services address operational challenges while taking the support burden off the shoulders of the in-house IT staff. We deliver support through an agile, proactive, and easily consumable model. Our highly trained and certified staff is available around the clock and every day of the year.

How We Help

When companies partner with Computacenter TeraMach for Managed Services, they experience:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased levels of overall IT maturity
  • Support for the implementation of industry best practices
  • Increased knowledge share
  • Focus on strategic priorities
  • Boosted IT productivity & service quality

The Computacenter TeraMach Approach

At Computacenter TeraMach, we take an outcomes-based approach to working with our managed services clients. Our approach includes:

  • Service level agreements with clear outcomes
  • ITIL methodology for standardized runbooks and standard operating procedures
  • Continuous service improvement to increase efficiencies and reduce cost
  • Best-in-class tools to drive automation and standardization
  • Roadmaps to IT maturity to boost productivity and increase availability

Managed Services Portfolio

Computacenter's combines any technology service with financing to create an easy-to-choose, easy-to-deploy, all-encompassing solution priced per asset, per month.

Support Services

Service Desk

Computacenter’s Service Desk solution meets operational challenges while supporting your overburdened IT staff. Our staff of experienced technicians specializes in resolving issues with mobile devices, operating systems, and applications. We deliver support through a scalable, reliable, and predictable Service Desk that provides a single point of contact for daily customer and user support requests.

First-Call Support

Computacenter First-Call Support liberates in-house IT staff from tedious and time-consuming troubleshooting and problem-resolution processes so they can focus on strategic business initiatives.

Maintenance Support

Computacenter Maintenance support helps your business overcome contract management challenges. We provide flexible, cost-efficient, and SLA-driven maintenance agreements for server, storage, and network equipment no matter where it is located.

IT Lifecycle Management

Cloud Governance

Productivity drives success. However, modernizing a communications system for improved collaboration typically raises concerns over huge CapEx costs, leasing equipment that quickly becomes obsolete, and maintaining expertise on mobile operating systems, complex video networking, and advancements in customer interaction tools. Computacenter eliminates these risks by giving your organization access to current unified communications (UC), HD video, and contact centre technologies – all at an affordable and predictable monthly subscription rate.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Computacenter provides IT Operations as a Service (ITOaaS) and Endpoint Monitoring Management and Protection as part of our Remote Monitoring and Management Services. Computacenter’s IT Operations Service is designed to enhance and extend the capabilities of your IT team. Instead of spending most of their time attending to daily operational challenges, your team can focus on business initiatives. Our ITOaaS connects to the technologies you already use, meaning you don’t need to struggle to manage a variety of toolsets.

X as a Service

Computacenter offers a spectrum of cloud-based services that lessen operational risks. These affordable XaaS solutions are available at a monthly subscription rate and include:

  • Device as a Service
  • Asset Lifecycle Management as a Service Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Backup as a Service
  • Unified Collaboration as a Service
  • ServiceNow as a Service

Managed Cloud Exchange


Cloudx™ is a portfolio of services designed to make a client’s journey into the cloud seamless. Computacenter provides consulting services that help your company realize the value of the cloud without sacrificing security and performance. Our service offerings focus on optimizing cloud consumption and elevating end-user experience by unifying and visualizing multi-cloud operations.

Secure Cloud Exchange

Secure Cloud Exchange is a unique offering under our managed services. Computacenter’s Secure Cloud Exchange services deliver guaranteed performance, flexibility, ease of use, and centralized security control of connectivity pathways across the distributed cloud environment. This service brings together critical capabilities for the distributed cloud architecture:


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