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The security solutions offered Computacenter TeraMach are tailored to the uniqueness of Canadian organizations. The broad set of cyber capabilities offered by Computacenter, range from targeted solutions to an end-to-end services portfolio, and fall into six key domains (molded from CSA, NIST, NST and others to better suit the Canadian Public Sector) which include: Identity & Access Management, Infrastructure Security, Data Protection, Endpoint Visibility & Security, Access Control, and Security Operations.   

Computacenter designed a suite of services and solutions to mitigate cyber risks, respond to security incidents, and ensure that IT environments remain protected against the latest threats. Computacenter’s team of cyber experts will help you develop a cybersecurity strategy that strengthens your organization’s resilience to cyber-attacks, improves preparedness to respond to effectively to incidents, ensures Governmental compliance and customizes a security roadmap that fits the needs and maturity of your organization. Our professional and managed services cover the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, including strategy, assessment and testing, training, architecture, design and implementation, and real-time monitoring and incident response. We provide a consistent, proven methodology for Public Sector organizations to safely adopt new innovative technologies, integrate agile business processes into security operations, and train a versatile team of cyber security experts. 



The Challenge: End Users have shifted the way they work today. From hardware & software to device ownership to time and place.  

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?   

  • Behaviour Analytics
  • Identity Governance
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Computacenter applies a Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment | (CARTA) methodology 
  • Licensing Advisory: selection, analysis and validation of security solutions and assistance with licensing procurement.
  • Computacenter has strategic Vendor relationships to deliver unique solutions to solve the most advanced security requirements  



The Challenge: The Endpoint is a focused attack surface for malicious intent.   

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?   

  • Endpoint Detection and Response  
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System   
  • Anti-Malware  
  • Device Profiling   
  • Vulnerability Management  
  • Configuration Compliance    

Endpoints add are a prime attack surface for any company. Protection at the endpoint is high priority. Next-generation EPP and EDR technologies are leading the charge to fortify devices. Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Sandboxing, Profiling and more are needed to help quickly detect, prevent and respond to threats.  



The Challenge: Data gravity has driven active data away from data centre core and out to the edge. to provide real-time analytics and optimal user experiences. This drastically increases organizations data protection strategies and controls access to information.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems? 

  • Next-Gen Firewall 
  • Secure Remote Access 
  • Sandboxing 
  • Cloud Access Security Broker 
  • Email Security  
  • Anti-DdoS     

New strategies around access control, data classification, information protection and more are required.  Combining SDWAN capabilities with virtualized network security functions at the Edge leverages technologies such as secure web gateways  (SWG), CASB, FWaaS) to provide a model for zero trust network access (ZTNA) in an effort to support the dynamic secure access needs of digital enterprises. 



The Challenge:  Enterprise networks continue to sprawl out to the cloud across managed and untrusted circuits. Organizations strive to secure and protect digital communications, no matter the underlying transport. 

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems? 

  • Network Access Control 
  • Intrusion Detection Service  
  • Intrusion Prevention Service 
  • Visibility  
  • Software-Defined Networking 
  • Managed Security Services 

Computacenter has key strategic relationships with vendors that support integrated Access Control and Next-Gen security platforms. Computacenter provides network security assessments to determine how your company measures up to your industry’s standards and to identify which solutions are required to help scale and protect your environment to meet today’s new challenges.  



The Challenge: The data explosion has changed how we consume and manage data. Storing and securing dark data typically incurs more expense and sometimes greater risk than value.  

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems? 

  • Key Management 
  • Data Encryption 
  • Data Activity Monitoring  
  • Data Classification 
  • Advanced Data Management AI/Auto Tier  

Computacenter is the leader in storage management ad data protection. With tools and insight into bringing dark data to light, Computacenter can help enterprises meet their security needs by uncovering the hidden, developing secure solutions to manage the data lifecycle and finally turn data into intelligence with our AI/BI toolsets. Securing the data anywhere relies on new data classification policies, encryption techniques and more.  



The Challenge: The Cloud shift hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s created more questions and increased the attack surface of your company.  

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?  

  • Secure Cloud Exchange 
  • Cloud Formation Blueprint  
  • Service Mesh API Gateway  
  • SIEM and SOAR 
  • Computacenter can help enterprises develop cloud risk assessments that identify how and what workloads to migrate to the cloud. Computacenter will show you how to provide measured, consistent security processes and technologies from ground-to-cloud.. Computacenter securely manages your security solutions and cloud infrastructure offering full visibility, management, protection and response across your hybrid business operating model.


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