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Computacenter TeraMach Cloud Consulting Suite is a complete set of consulting engagements designed to help companies quickly and efficiently design their Next-Gen data centres while leveraging our years of experience to avoid pitfalls along the way. We focus on four pillars — Network, Data, Cloud, and Applications — to form a cloud and security solution.

Cloud in the Third Era of Computing

As we enter the third era of computing, organizations will be forced to move to a digital economy. Technology is constantly evolving, and IT struggles to keep up. Organizations are challenged by the shift from a traditional siloed IT environment to an infrastructure that is able to evolve with this ever-changing landscape.

Cloud enables companies to adapt because it is becoming increasingly agile. IT organizations can pick and choose the services they use, and this flexibility is becoming more apparent to the end users.



The Challenge: Choosing the wrong network and security cloud connectivity may result in low bandwidth and bottlenecks that lead to poor service quality or disruption in service.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Computacenter’s Cloud Network & Security Audit takes a holistic approach in determining the readiness of organizations to leverage the cloud and improve customer experience.

The Cloud Network & Security Audit ensures that IT standards, IT governance, redundancy, and security controls are in place before migrating any application to the cloud.



The Challenge: Not all data is created equally. Putting the wrong data in the cloud may result in costly egress charges. Data protection, privacy, and governance are key areas in any data management strategy in the cloud.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Computacenter’s Cloud Network & Security Audit takes a holistic approach in determining the readiness of organizations to leverage the cloud and improve customer experience.

Computacenter’s Data Protection and Data Centre assessment focuses on leveraging market-leading content intelligence and digital transformation platforms. This assessment enables our customers to provide on-demand, intelligent data protection and preservation everywhere, while addressing many of the challenges with data lifecycle, protection, and management of structured and unstructured data in the cloud.



The Challenge: If cloud is both everywhere and nowhere at once, how do you address reliability, downtime, privacy, security, and vendor lock-in?

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Computacenter’s Cloud Readiness Assessment ensures the customer’s cloud journey is successful. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment:

  • Starts with a discovery/health analysis
  • Rates current maturity level, discusses business outcomes, and identifies gaps and risks
  • Builds a design that enables networking and security, as well as data management and protection
  • Creates a transformation plan for continuous improvement



The Challenge: Legacy applications need to align with business strategy and IT modernization requirements. Without a proper cloud application modernization strategy in place, long change lead time, inadequate performance, and unsustainable maintenance and support costs may result.

How does Computacenter help you solve these problems?

Computacenter Application Modernization Services address the challenge of discovering and analyzing legacy applications. Our Application Modernization Services use automated tools to gather a wide range of metrics for application rationalization and mapping. We perform total cost of ownership (TCO) and cyber risk analyses.

Our team of application specialists can make any code changes using agile development practices and assists in the selection and implementation of DevOps tools.



As the Cloud market continues to accelerate, it is increasingly driven by cloud-native application development that uses new methodologies such as Microservices architecture. To facilitate this type of architecture, all the pieces of the development environment, from the code repository to the underlying infrastructure, must be linked together to form the DevOps toolchain.

The DevOps toolchain is a complex suite of tools from a broad range of manufacturers and developers. This is one of the reasons Computacenter engineers spend so much of their time researching, testing, and evaluating tools. This time investment ensures that we build the most complete and stable solutions for our customers.

Many of our customers struggle more with the organizational changes that must be made than they do with the technology itself. Most traditional organizations are siloed with separate teams for operations and development. Within a DevOps environment, these teams must work together to make sure that all the interconnected systems are functioning properly. Our consultants have spent years developing a methodology for analyzing organizational structures and assisting organizations as they reorganize to meet their evolving needs.

Whether your company needs a single tool to fill a gap or an entire organizational assessment and toolchain design, we have the talent, experience, and partnerships to assist you.


As a leader in data centre and IT transformation, TeraMach has developed and deployed secure and reliable IT solutions for our customers for over 20 years. Our solutions are designed to save our customers money without sacrificing service availability and efficiency.

TeraMach Cloudx™ empowers our clients to consume cloud services through multiple cloud providers with transparency, agility, and reliable private network connectivity.







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