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Licensing Management

Software Licensing Management

Licensing Management

Save time and money with optimized software licensing

New technologies and new ways of working, such as cloud and ‘Bring Your Own Device’, are changing the way organisations procure, deploy, use and manage software. That means software licensing has become an entire new ball game.

Companies have to rethink their licensing approach and change the way they manage their software assets. That involves:

  • reducing software procurement costs by aligning agreements with actual usage and preventing overspend
  • ensuring short term license agreements are met without limiting long-term strategies
  • decreasing licensing management overheads with streamlined processes
  • averting costly vendor audits and safeguard compliance with granular and accurate reports
  • taking advantage of vendor discounts and promotions
  • preventing delays to software provisioning


  • Proven partner, proven processes

All our services are based on repeatable processes, predictable costs and guaranteed outcomes. We use our unique buying power, vendor relationships and end-to-end services to help customers take back control of their software estate and to stay in control.

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