Across the world, businesses leaders in organisations of all types and sizes rank digital transformation as critically important to their ongoing commercial success. 

Digital and artificial intelligence will present long term transformation trends both for the workplace environments as well as our private lives. Work content and work practices are set to change beyond all recognition and, in the new service-shaped economy; the employee who embraces this change will be the most significant factor for business success.

Through the digitisation of processes and the deployment of digital tools and devices, your people will be empowered to act faster and more effectively; to seize opportunities, resolve issues, improve quality, and exceed customer expectations.

Enabling teams with digital tools, such as mobile apps, ensures that they can access the data, information, dashboards and content they need, from a wide range of locations, at any time. This serves to drive operational efficiency and deliver positive outcomes. It also enables them to collaborate across departments and locations, to enhance creativity, improve decision-making and to reduce time-to-market.

At Computacenter, we believe that successful digital transformation must enrich the working lives of people and promote an improved work/life balance. This is as true for ourselves, as it is for our customers, which is why we measure the satisfaction of our own employees through ‘employee engagement’ - the emotional commitment of our people to our business.

As long-term partners of our customers, we take responsibility for helping them to make the digitisation of work processes a positive experience for their people. Digital Me takes an outcome-based approach to achieving our customers’ business objectives, by enabling and empowering their people with the most appropriate digital technologies and tools.

From assessing the workstyles and needs of their people, we design and build digital identities to drive user engagement and satisfaction for individuals and key groups of users. Drawing upon our rich workplace and service portfolios we enable digital platforms, collaboration tools, access to information and increased self-service – fuelling enhanced performance, transformation and continuous innovation; right across the business.

This is IT designed for people. This is Digital Me.