The world around us is changing, and this happening at a pace never seen before. 

At Computacenter, we understand that, to ensure their on-going success, our customers must evolve and drive innovation right across their organisation. And this relies on a step change in the way that IT services are developed and delivered.

Technology is a key enabler of business transformation, and Computacenter is leading the way in helping CIOs to align to the strategic agenda, by delivering business outcomes through IT designed for people. 

But, if the digital workplace is putting users in the driving seat, then digital infrastructure is the engine that delivers IT performance. This must flex with the business and be designed to cope with both the predictable and the unseen. 

For most, this means taking a 2-speed (or multi-mode or multi-speed TBA), hybrid approach to infrastructure that continues to deliver legacy investments, whilst enabling faster, more agile digital services, for example through the adoption of cloud. 

IT needs to respond rapidly to the changing needs of users and the business. A software defined approach, which moves intelligence and control from the hardware to software layer, brings increased visibility and functionality, and enables changes to be made more rapidly. 

We are helping customers to further reduce complexity through automation, orchestration and by converging their infrastructure, bringing multiple IT components into a single, optimised IT ecosystem. 

With the relentless growth of the digital economy; ever increasing numbers of devices; and rise of the Internet of Things, volumes of raw data are doubling every 2 years. Increasingly, our customers need to understand what data will become valuable business information. This must be structured to sit on the right platforms, and be made safely but readily available to authorised users in the most appropriate format for the devices and applications that enable them to work in a modern, connected way.

Security is high on both the business and IT agendas. So we have become expert at advising customers on the task of gathering, storing and managing information in line with relevant compliance legislation. With far more information points than ever before, we enable them, through the application of security analytics, to maintain visibility of who’s using their data and how they’re accessing it. 

At Computacenter, we help customers to transition from IT of the past to IT of now.  This is not just about coping with the challenges of change but also having the flexibility and scalability to keep up with the speed that this impacts. 

The result is IT infrastructure that truly enables business transformation.

This is Digital Gateway.