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Engineer uses Cortana to find out which jobs are on the cards for the day.

Engineer used Cortana to navigate to customers address.

Engineer can access customer record and view history of installation.

Access to stock inventory, check availability of parts.

Access to diary to schedule appointment while still on site with customer.


Engineer has access to consumer-like self-service support and online technical help 24/7/365.

Responsive IT support enables maximum productivity.

Downtime is reduced due to real-time IT support.


Engineer used Skype for Business to video call HQ to run through the smart meter install process live for training purposes.

Engineer has access to technical blue print and information for trouble shooting.

Engineer installs new Smart Meter and uploads information from remote device to central application using corporate apps.

Engineer films installation of equipment to customer site on phone.

Upload video into the centralised repository using video on Office365.


Engineer receives new equipment and self-enrolls into the corporate EMS/Intune environment.

Applications are available to download from the corporate app store.

Device is prepopulated with corporate email.

Engineer loses tablet device, calls helpdesk to wipe device.

New device shipped to engineer / engineer picks up new device and self-enrolls again.


Engineer has fully connectivity across all devices.

Engineer has reliable access to information, through a secure, robust, infrastructure regardless of location.

Engineer is able to connect seamlessly with office systems, stock control and apps in real-time.

The reliability of the network enables the engineer to share high quality content, such as video and photos, with colleagues.

All data, as well as all devices, are secure.

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