I have worked in our Paris call centre for over 12 years. A lot has changed over this time, both in terms of the service customers expect, and our ability to deliver this.

Technology plays an increasingly important role in how effectively I can handle in-bound calls and how I communicate with my colleagues. A great example of this is the recent modernisation of our IT systems.

Until recently, we had to work with a very old desktop platform, which was slow and unreliable. The challenges of, for example, slow log on times and poor collaboration tools impacted our productivity and effectiveness, and left customers waiting for information.

Computacenter has worked alongside our in-house IT team to modernise our IT environment, with the aim of improving productivity; enhancing customer service; and achieving greater employee engagement and satisfaction.

We now have access to a virtual desktop platform, through which we can quickly and securely access the applications and systems we need to effectively manage customer interactions. I can access the system by logging on from anywhere in the office, which means I am no longer tied to one desk, and can move around to train and support my team.

Office 365 has also given us access to the latest Microsoft collaboration tools - such as digital white-boarding, chat and screen-sharing which have fundamentally changed how we interact within our group, and right across the organisation. We now spend less time waiting for information and more time talking to customers – and each other.

And finally, this has made a big difference to our ability to attract new recruits to the team. Until now, this has been highly challenging, as many applicants simply aren’t familiar with such an old system, but deploying a modern digital platform, capable of enabling a consumer-style IT experience at work, has proven key to us attracting the next generation of digital natives into our business.

Transforming our IT environment has done so much more than simply increase efficiency and productivity. It has fundamentally changed the culture of our business, making it a dynamic place to work.

This is people empowered by technology.
This is Digital Me.