With shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates the objective, empowering our highly mobile large account sales executives was a priority. We needed a technology provider capable of planning, delivering and supporting a seamlessly mobile, global sales team.

From a user perspective, the task was to empower mobile sales executives with the intelligence to make rapid, accurate decisions, and the tools and applications needed to close business while face to face with the customer. From a technology perspective, supporting this new digital workstyle should have minimal impact on an already overcommitted in-house IT team.

Following a detailed network, application and workstyle assessment, Computacenter delivered a transformed workstyle solution, comprising Microsoft Windows 10 with a fully-integrated mobile strategy, and technical solutions for home office and remote access.

The solution was delivered as a fully managed service, with Microsoft Intune device management supporting and protecting our new ultra-flexible Surface Pro 4 tablet estate.

Today our mobile sales executives enjoy an IT environment built for the way they want to work. Everything they need, from customer data to line of business applications, forms and tools, are accessible in an instant, online or off, from home or at the client’s office. Tailoring presentations to individual customer meetings is a simple process, while online calculators can be demonstrated, and forms completed and submitted in real-time during client meetings.

Following a six-month pilot, which saw the creation of a state-of-the-art IT environment with zero impact on the activities undertaken by our in-house team, we plan to extend our digital capabilities to include a company app store, desktop virtualisation and Skype for Business.

Having embraced this more flexible digital workstyle, our sales executives now spend less time in the office. With everything they need, wherever they are, client engagements are better prepared and more productive. And, because we have been able to reduce the number of meetings per sale, our global account executives are seeing more new clients, converting more leads and closing more deals.

This is digital transformation with a positive business outcome. This is Digital Me.