The world of retail banking is highly competitive, fast-paced and customer focused. Keeping up with constant change, driven by market dynamics and customer needs, demands an agile approach to IT – one that can enable new processes and products to be deployed rapidly and effectively – right across the business.

In my role as a customer advisor, IT had, for some time, been an inhibitor, rather than an enabler. However, when we merged with one of our major competitors, the extent of the problems really came to light.

They had already digitally-enabled their business and were enjoying the many benefits, in terms of efficiency, productivity and engagement, of a digital workplace. Meanwhile, we were struggling with the limitations of a more traditional approach to IT.

For us to truly merge, and become a single, integrated, European bank, we needed to share systems, applications, processes and products. But before we could achieve this, we needed to build a new systems architecture capable of supporting this new digital approach to business.

Working with Computacenter, means that we now operate in a virtual environment, where data and applications are hosted centrally and delivered to users via a thin client solution. They have supported our IT department in understanding the workstyles of people right across the bank, and have addressed the challenges of our central systems, storage, compute and connectivity; they have upgraded our operating system to MS Windows 10; and have deployed both enterprise and bespoke applications, that match those of our partners.

This has not only transformed our bank; it has enabled us to work seamlessly, right across the group.

I experience the difference from the moment I get to work and log on. Everything I need to do my job is available in one place. Changes and updates are made centrally, and appear automatically without interrupting my work. The latest customer offers – such as new mortgage products – are also visible to me, and the product specifications and application forms are available at a single click.

The digital transformation of our bank has brought a new, more dynamic way of working. These days I spend less time on administration and searching information – and more time talking to customers.

This is a new, efficient, engaged and empowered me.
This is Digital Me.