Executive has fast, reliable access to all the customer information they need, regardless of their location.

Through Microsoft DirectAccess the Executive has automatic always on connectivity to the office.

Executive has secure access to information, apps and data from any device, anywhere.


Executives can access and edit sales tools such as presentation easily before, during and after client meetings.

Executives can demonstrate online calculators, complete applications forms and process customer orders during meetings regardless of location.

Interactive displays enable Executive to present on large format screen without wires.

Executive is better prepared for every client engagement and can tailor content to increase deal win rates.

Long distance meetings can be replaced with high quality video meetings, increasing Executives productivity.


Executive can respond quickly to client requirements using ultra-flexible devices running Microsoft Windows 10, enhanced with bespoke technical solutions to enable, for example, home, office and remote access.

Self-enrolment into Citrix and the apps store enables the Executive to access applications and information on any device.

Collaboration tools such as Skype for Business video enable interconnectivity and screen sharing with colleagues and customers.

XenDesktop delivers applications and desktops to any device while strengthening data security, reducing costs and increasing user productivity.

Reducing the number of meetings per sale means the Executive can meet more clients, convert more leads and close more deals.


Executive enjoys an IT environment build for the way they want to work.

Everything from customer data to line of business applications forms and tools is immediately available to the Executive online or offline from home, a client’s office, or on the move.

Executive is enabled with everything they need, wherever they need to be.

Faster devices can be made through seamless access to information.

Easy access to remote experts provide support to the Executive on the go.


Executive has access to a consumer-like self-service support and online technical help 24/7/365.

Responsive IT support enables maximum productivity.

Downtime is reduced due to real-time IT support.