By deploying a modern digital platform the organisation is able to attract and retain the best Agents to provide the highest quality customer experience.

Employee uses Citrix XenDesktop to access the latest customer information and history which are served to the desktop as the call is answered.

Use of the latest headset with noise-cancelling microphone to ensures the customer can clearly hear the agent.

Customer queries can be answered quickly and accurately through seamless access to information and expert knowledge.


Employee is able to quickly and simply access all applications on the desktop through a Thin Client environment.

New Agents can experience live support during initial training, with a manager able to screen share with them and prompt as required.

Thin Client approach allows Employee to move seamlessly between devices, desks and locations.

Employee receives updates and new apps as soon as they are pushed out and can react to them in real-time.


Employee can attend team meeting and briefing sessions on video using Skype for Business ensuring collaboration across teams, locations and geographies.

Employee has easy access to remote experts along the customer support and business process.

Employee uses voice, video, messaging and desktop sharing to access the latest information and updates enabling them to feel informed and empowered.


Simplified access to vital business intelligence, such as customer records means the Employee spends less time waiting for information and more achieving positive outcomes.

Employee has access to a consumer-like self-service support and online technical help 24/7/365.

Responsive IT support enables maximum productivity.

Downtime is reduced due to real-time IT support.

NGSD enables a consumer-like, multichannel, IT support experience.