AdobeComputacenter and Adobe:
Create a compelling online experience

Computacenter helps organisations transform web-based interactions with latest Adobe software solutions

Our document and application creation and design solutions are multi-platform, easy to use and world-renowned, enabling organisations to:

  • Empower employees by improving collaboration and communication
  • Ensure secure and efficient storage of digital documents and images
  • Increase competitive advantage through the development of creative online resources and digital collateral
  • Safeguard IT performance and availability with fully integrated solutions

Computacenter’s breadth of experience and expertise means we understand the challenges associated with creating an optimal workplace environment.

  • We are an Authorised Adobe Licence Center and Adobe Authorised SAM Partner with experts trained and certified in the Adobe SAM programme
  • We are an Adobe Enterprise partner, which means we can help organisations access the entire Adobe portfolio
  • We received Adobe Channel Partner of the Year Award 2009 for Commercial Sales

Build effective online platforms for multiple audiences and multiple devices

From creative website design to capturing online traffic analytics, Adobe’s solutions are feature-rich, intuitive and powerful.

Computacenter helps organisations leverage these features to develop dynamic and diverse online platforms that enable seamless collaboration – for employees, customers, partners and suppliers alike.

By partnering with Computacenter and Adobe, you will be able to:

  • Maximise profitable growth with smarter web-based resources
  • Respond to changing business needs with faster content creation
  • Mitigate risk by protecting online information assets

To prevent interoperability and version control issues from undermining these benefits, organisations need to ensure they are using the latest versions of Adobe solutions, which have been optimised for multi-device access.

The right products at the right price

Computacenter is an Adobe Certified Platinum Partner. We help organisations minimise costs and maximise value by:

  • Matching software solutions to user workstyles
  • Simplifying procurement with integrated and automated processes
  • Identifying optimal licensing agreements based on current and future needs

Working with Computacenter and Adobe will enable you to create a more compelling online experience with the latest creative software at the lowest price point.

To find out more about how Computacenter and Adobe can help your organisation enhance collaboration, download our brochure: