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A clear strategy for cloud at Kellogg's

Analysing applications and exploring options to exploit cloud technology.

Computacenter has helped Kellogg’s identify some immediate cost savings and efficiency gains as well as shape its long-term strategic roadmap for digital transformation




Kellogg’s needed an IT partner to help them evaluate their current environment, analyse their existing applications, and identify opportunities to migrate eligible applications and services to the cloud. In addition, advice on tools, technology and infrastructure best-suited to their cloud needs was required, along with the development of a cloud strategy aimed at transforming their environment of the future.




Computacenter was engaged by Kellogg’s to provide independent advice through its Application Migration Assessment Service. This service was tailored to deliver an environment evaluation and application analysis, enabling an effective Windows 2008 Server eradication strategy with opportunities for cloud migration – which was adapted to suit the Kellogg’s organisation.




Computacenter successfully delivered a solid, strategic plan to de-risk the platform by moving off legacy technology and transforming Kellogg’s environment to a more modern, flexible cloud environment. Cost savings were enabled by a reduced on-premise footprint and better standardisation across the group. Through better understanding of the application lifecycle and future target platform, it was possible to develop a long-term strategic roadmap for digital transformation.


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The challenges we provided to Computacenter were very in-depth and quite broad. We gave them an opportunity to show what they were capable of and they approached it in a really professional way. They’ve delved into so many different areas that we wouldn’t have been able to do in-house by ourselves and they provided us with a fantastic piece of work that we can use for the future as well.

Stephanie Roddy - IT Director, Corporate Business Solutions, Kellogg’s

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