6 reasons why you can trust Computacenter’s FinOps services:


We help you to improve cost accountability and business agility to better manage and optimise costs.


We help identify cost saving opportunities across multiple clouds and implement best practices to drive continuous innovation.


We ensure your cloud investments deliver on the targeted business objectives wether that's increased productivity, reduced costs or improved quality.


We collaborate continuously with you to ensure real time decision making and support for an effective cost management.


We provide the tools and methodologies to help you identify, accelerate, optimise, and control your Public Cloud costs.


We deliver our service via a Cloud Centre of Excellence with certified and accredited engineers.

Building a successful FinOps practice:

FinOps enables enterprises to drive financial accountability and maximize business value through an operational model where technology, finance and business all work together to unlock the full potential of the cloud.

That’s why it’s crucial to implement a FinOps Framework*. This can be achieved by cycling through three iterative phases: Inform, Optimize and Operate.


The Inform phase provides the visibility for allocation and for creating shared accountability by showing teams what they’re spending and why.


The Optimise phase empowers teams to identify and measure efficiency optimisations like rightsizing or improving reserved instances coverage. Improvement goals are also set in this phase.


The Operate phase defines processes which enable the financial, technological, and business goals to be achieved. In this phase automation is often used to allow defined processes to be performed in a reliable and consistent manner focusing on scaling operational efforts through continuous improvement.


*FinOps Framework by FinOps Foundation


Our FinOps service builds on the FinOps lifecycle and includes:


  • Discovery
  • Identification
  • Reporting


  • Rightsizing
  • Reservation management
  • Ongoing optimisation


Read more about the FinOps Framework in our Thought Leadership article "Why FinOps matters."

Certified by FinOps Foundation


Our team of experts are Certified FinOps Practitioners, certified by the FinOps foundation, a program of the LINUX foundation, helping to advance people who practice the discipline of cloud financial management through best practices, education and standards.

FinOps on a page and thought leadership

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