To fast-track procurement - and the financial savings that come from new IT services and products – public sector organisations need to remove risk and complexity from the supplier selection process.

Bound by European and UK legislation and the need to obtain a competitive price, procuring new products and services can be highly resource-intensive for local councils, police forces and government agencies.

The government has established a number of centralised procurement frameworks and agreements that not only address this need but also safeguard compliance with European and UK legislation.

Computacenter is a certified supplier on all the framework agreements listed below, which enable public sector organisations to take a unified approach to sourcing, implementing and managing their IT.

Technology Services (RM1058)

Technology Services (RM1058) is replacing the IT Managed Sevices RM717 (IT Managed Services) Framework. The scope of the Technology Services Framework is broad and covers Managed Services, Contracted Services, Support Services and Major projects which can be found in datacenters, networks, workplace and their associated services and solutions all of which are Computacenter’s area of expertise.

Computacenter solutions on the Technology Services Framework

  • Lot 1: Help desk/Service desk
    The single point of contact between a service provider and users within an organisation. Delivered from our 6 national or international locations, over 2,000 analysts manage over 3.5 million tickets per year.

  • Lot 2: Desktop Support
    Desktop support is the technical services offered by a support organisation to a user or users experiencing problems with their computers. Our 2,200 accredited engineers operate nationwide and deliver services to one in every three high street banks.

  • Lot 3: Network Management
    Computacenter helps organisations safeguard the availability and performance of network devices and environments – wired or wireless – by optimising key operational processes A global range of Network Operations Centres (NOCs) and Operational Command centres (OCCs) offer customers the ability to tailor a service that suits their required service levels, budgets and regulations.

  • Lot 4: Network and content security
    We deliver ISO27001 network and content security from our NOC with best of breed partners including Checkpoint, Cisco, F5, Juniper, McAfee, RSA, Symantec and VMware to deliver the highest standards to protect your data.

  • Lot 5: Infrastructure, Maintenance & Support (IMS)
    We manage all library infrastructure hardware and software operations, including server and storage systems. We support production applications, whether open source, developed in-house, or third party. From end-toend managed services to tower-based ecosystems and transformation programmes, we support and maintain servers, storage and infrastructure.

  • Lot 6: Audit services & Asset management
    We offer a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances (financial or otherwise) of IT Software & Hardware. Our track record of audit services has resulted in significant asset relocation, cost avoidance, compliance positions, cost savings and the remarketing of redundant equipment.

  • Lot 7: IT Infrastructure Transition Services & Delivery
    Our services combine repeatable processes, shared facilities, best practice tools and experienced people to deliver consistent outcomes. We have transitioned over 20 new contracts in the last three years, most recently over 50,000 end user contracts involving Network Rail and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We improve operational efficiency. We accelerate business change. We drive service improvement. And we do it all for a predictable, transparent cost.

  • Lot 8: Service Integration/Service Integrator
    Computacenter integrate services with a network of over 2,700 partners and subcontractors. We work with customers, telecoms providers and tower based providers.

  • Lot 9: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
    We deliver disaster recovery policies and procedures that are related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure which are vital, to an organisations business continuity. This includes National Critical Infrastructure that may have, by its nature, enhanced requirements.

  • Lot 10: Back up and Data Services
    Computacenter will deliver remote, online and managed backup services. This will provide users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files delivered as a Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid or on premise.

  • Lot 11: Asset Disposal
    Computacenter partners with RDC who have been given three Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for Innovation, Sustainable Development & International Trade. We provide remanufacturing, recycling and remarketing services up to the highest security levels, in line with CESG standards and WEEE legislation.

Computacenter services, terms and conditions are listed under contract RM1058.

To find out more general information about the technology services framework please visit:

Technology Products RM1054

The Technology Products framework was developed to meet the commodity hardware and software requirements of the  public sector. It is designed to meet the aims of the central government and local government ICT strategies. It is for the procurement of all volume commodity hardware and software requirements, whether as simple commodity only requirements or as part of overall solutions. Technology Products effectively replaces three previous agreements: Commoditised IT Hardware and Sofwtare (CITHS) (RM721), IT Hardware and Software (ITHS) (RM1692) and Sprint II (RM720).

The Technology Products framework provides a commercial route to market for all ICT product and solution requirements for both central government and wider public sector organisations. The framework comprises of four lots:

  • Lot 1: Technology Hardware – For the provision of vendor neutral hardware. Hardware solutions can also be procured. The scope covers end user computing and infrastructure. When procuring a solution, software can be provided under this lot provided the hardware forms the majority of the requirement.

  • Lot 2: Packaged Software – for the provision of packaged, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software, Open Source software, licences. Packaged software solutions can also be procured. When procuring a software solution, hardware can also be provided under this lot provided the software forms the majority of the requirement.

  • Lot 3: Secure Technology Products and Disposals – for the provision of Information Assured (IA) products, both hardware and software, that is compliant with CESG standards. Audio-visual solutions and secure disposals.

  • Lot 4: End User Devices – for the provision of volume procurements for end user devices of any type/format (PC, laptop, tablet, other device).

For more information about the Technology Products Framework please click here.

Public Sector Network (PSN) Services framework RM1498

Established by the Government Procurement Service, the PSN Services agreement is available to all public sector organisations in the UK, from schools and NHS trusts to local councils and central government departments.

Computacenter is featured on three lots on the PSN Services framework agreement:

  • Lot 3 - Video-conferencing services
  • Lot 4 - Managed equipment room services, which includes cabling, security and cooling
  • Lot 8 - LAN services, which includes cabling, networking and related managed services

The PSN Services framework agreement replaces the former RM374 Telecom Networks framework agreement, and is expected to be worth between £500 million and £3 billion over the next two years.

Chris Price, Public Sector Director at Computacenter, commented: “The PSN Services framework agreement will help public sector organisations implement and manage networks that keep people, information and systems securely connected and take advantage of collaborative technologies such as video-conferencing,” commented Chris.

Computacenter services, terms and conditions are listed under contract RM1498.

G-Cloud (Digital Marketplace)

Government Digital Marketplace accelerates adoption of proven and predictable cloud computing services

Computacenter’s portfolio of C3 cloud computing services is available to government organisations via the Digital Marketplace online at https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud.

The Digital Marketplace has been created by the Cabinet Office to provide public sector organisations with faster and more cost-effective access to cloud-based services from a variety of suppliers.

Each supplier included in the Digital Marketplace has been pre-approved, and eventually every service will be accredited to demonstrate that it meets government standards. Procuring services via the catalogue eliminates the need to issue tenders via the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union).

Computacenter services are available on all four lots:

  • Lot 1: Software as a Service - Applications or services that are run over the internet or in the cloud. Features Computacenter's C3Mail and Collaboration service, which provides a transparent cost per inbox per month. 

  • Lot 2: Platform as a Service - Platforms that provide a basis for building other services and applications 

  • Lot 3: Infrastructure as a Service - Networks, hosting facilities and servers on which platforms and software depend e.g. hosting or content delivery network 

  • Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services - Includes C3Mail and collaboration advisory and migration services, Microsoft Office 365 migration, support and solution alignment services, cloud consultancy and migration services.

More than 9,000 ICT services from over 1,100 suppliers are available via the Digital Marketplace. Originally launched in February 2012, as of December 2015 the G Cloud framework is now on its 7th version. Each iteration is designed to enhance functionality to further simplify IT service procurement.

Computacenter services, terms and conditions are listed under contract RM1557.

National Procurement Service (NPS)

Computacenter has been awarded a place on the following 7 lots of the National Procurement Service Framework for the Supply of IT Products and Services;

  • Lot 1: Desktop Software and Associated Products and Services

  • Lot 4: End User Hardware and Associated Products and Services

  • Lot 5: Infrastructure Software and Associated Products and Services

  • Lot 6: Servers, Storage and Storage Devices and Associated Products and Services

  • Lot 7: Network Equipment and Associated Products and Services

  • Lot 8: Network Firewall and Associated Products and Services

  • Lot 12: Integrated Systems

This enables Computacenter to continue growing the Welsh business by making investments in both people and the technology we offer to our customers. Computacenter and the One Wales team will be continuing to work with Wales and Welsh Customers to increase innovation and drive down costs associated with the Public sector. This new framework gives Computacenter a great opportunity to continue our strategic growth, enables us to work with Welsh customers to drive costs and increase innovation and offers Wales better value for money.

DfT Technology Training Framework

Department for TransportDfT Technology Training Framework

Approved contracted supplier


The Digital and Technology Framework (DaTS)

The Digital and Technology Framework (DaTS) will provide Scottish public sector organisations with flexible and timely access to suppliers capable of providing a suite of services or individual specialist services. 

The DATS framework is intended to provide digital and technology services which meet the current and future needs of the Scottish public sector.  The services to be provided under the Framework Agreement will be extensive and wide ranging and no two projects are likely to be the same.  Projects may range from the delivery of service desks, transformational digital/ICT projects, service/system integration, product support, network support to large scale fully managed projects covering a diverse range of IT services:

Computacenter services are available on the following Lots:

  • Lot 1: ICT Project & Programme Management

  • Lot 2: Cyber Security

  • Lot 3: Digital Services

  • Lot 4: SIAM (Services Integration and Management)

  • Lot 5: IT Consultancy (Advice & Strategy)

  • Lot 6: Systems Integration

Crown Hosting Datacentre Migration

Computacenter’s Optimised Data Centre Migration services enable public sector organisations to establish a resilient and scalable infrastructure that is cost-effective to support.

Computacenter has an Optimised Data Centre Migration Approach; an end to end and systematic solution encompassing the transition of data, applications to physical and virtual machines. We define, audit, plan and design migration strategies. We evaluate optimal resources, create business cases and test proof of concepts in our Solutions Centre prior to engagement.

We conduct a full asset audit, identifying in-scope devices and crucially we document their interdependencies with other devices and the applications and users they support. We produce the design for the target infrastructure, consult on business communication and change. We have in depth knowledge and experience of managing third parties, software and hardware providers.

Our consultants remove your management overhead, optimise your assets and define data and infrastructure efficiencies. Our management system controls the procurement and logistics, manages all assets and professional services and delivers a reduced risk outcome. Specialist physical relocation partners deliver against defined architectures including test and pilot moves with security cleared and trained engineers.

We deliver cost effective solutions in line with your business outcomes offering ongoing support, maintenance and managed service contracts for your new infrastructure. Our end to end solutions are ideal for Public Sector customers migrating to the Crown Hosting Data Centre.

To find how Computacenter can help your organisation with data centre migrations please download the brochure.

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