Management Advisory

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You haven‘t reached enlightenment but you‘re close to revolutionising your IT.

Best of both worlds

Our Management Advisory Services combine the proven standards and methods of LEADing Practice with Computacenter's extensive practical IT know-how. The resulting benefit for the customer is significant. By using research-based reference content, the entrepreneurial idea of efficiency is further advanced and made immediately implementable through decades of hardware, software and IT consulting expertise. This means that projects are brought to success faster, more soundly and with higher quality. In other words: business goals are translated directly into a sustainable IT strategy.

Our Method

Disrupt your business. By using standardised methods.

Research-based methods and hands-on experience instead of consultant gibberish: our strategic partner LEADing Practice's broad data pool enables us to complement established standards and frameworks with reference content. We analyse international business models, identify patterns and transfer them as a strategic basis for individual digitisation projects. This means that your company is now learning from the best and on the basis of standardised processes.


Let's start a new chapter together

Jörg Warm
Director Management Advisory

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Computacenter rated a leader for Busines Consulting Services in ISG Provider LensTM Digital Business Enablement and ESG Services, Germany.
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Strong Partnership

Our exclusive partner LEADing Practice is the global leader in 'Enterprise & Industry Standards'. Their mission is to empower organisations through these standards, enabling leaders and experts to innovate and create transformation.
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