Microsoft Azure

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Computacenter provides a range of services to help you accelerate your public cloud journey using Microsoft Azure. Public cloud adoption provides significant benefits and organisations can take advantage of these by selecting Microsoft Azure as a platform for hosting migrated workloads, building new applications and leveraging the many unique cloud services available. Aligned to Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, we consult, design and implement the solid foundations on which organisations can run their workloads in a secure and governed way, to ensure they maximise the many benefits of choosing Microsoft Azure.

Many organisations are looking to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Azure and for that we have several focus areas with a set of services that help you get there. These services range from building the right foundations with Landing Zones to Migrating workloads into Microsoft Azure, Reviewing and Optimising existing deployments or designing a hybrid solution utilising Azure Stack Hub on-premises.

Azure Migration

Computacenter’s Migration Service is designed to aid clients migrate applications into Microsoft Azure using an efficient risk managed approach which includes a review of opportunities

What we do

Any organisation looking to migrate workloads into Microsoft Azure are recommended to initiate a comprehensive discovery exercise to fully understand the application requirements, interdependencies and consumer access patterns.

The quickest and lowest risk approach is to migrate workloads using a ‘lift and shift’ technique which is particularly common for IaaS workloads where the source is something like VMware or Hyper-V, this service encourages customers to re-deploy where possible and understand if PaaS services or containers could be leveraged in replace of IaaS. Even where IaaS is the answer, it’s preferable to make use of Microsoft Azure features such as quickstart templates and automated build capabilities to redeploy the applications.

Azure Landing Zone

A Microsoft Azure Landing Zone is the foundational layer of the cloud environment and our services ensures this is correctly designed and implemented, aligning to current best practices.

What we do

This service provides a documented architecture and an automated method for deploying the initial Microsoft Azure subscription, ensuring the right level of governance is in place to efficiently and securely scale as adoption increases.

We help our customers by advising and designing a bespoke approach for building out new Microsoft Azure environments based on delivery experience with many enterprise customers and aligning to the cloud adoption framework recommendations.

Azure Optimisation

Delivering business value through public cloud services is always a balance between meeting the business requirements and implementing the most cost-efficient architecture.

With the multitude of services, configuration options and pricing plans available, it’s not surprising that potential opportunities to reduce costs, improve performance or enhance solutions are often missed.

What we do

Computacenter’s Optimisation service provides a review of existing Microsoft Azure implementations to identify quick wins for both performance and cost improvements but also includes recommendations on the types of process changes and operational practices an organisation should implement to provide a stronger governance model over the longer term.

Azure Review

With Microsoft constantly updating or releasing new services and evolving their best practices, it is challenging for customers to know if their Microsoft Azure deployment has been optimally configured to leverage all possible enhancements. We provide a high-level review of a customer’s Microsoft Azure implementation to ensure these core pillars align to current best practices.

The service concludes with a report presenting the findings (both positive and negative) highlighting any recommendations and opportunities to enhance the service to the business.

What we do

Delivered by a Computacenter Microsoft Azure specialist, our service looks at how the foundational elements of an Microsoft Azure deployment have been implemented to ensure these core pillars align to current best practices. There are also face-to-face reviews with the customer architects and administrators of the system to understand how it’s used and what business services are delivered with Microsoft Azure.

Azure Stack Hub

Computacenter supports customers with planning, sizing, procuring and configuring Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and our expert teams will ensure the most appropriate partner is chosen based on the needs of your organisation as well as bespoke licensing and billing mechanisms.

What we do

Our consultants work with organisations to help them build business cases and understand use cases for running Microsoft Azure Stack Hub within their on-premises data centers, and to then properly size solutions through capacity planning.

Once implemented we have the experience and capabilities to complete the configuration of services and build the necessary plans, offers and subscriptions required to deliver these services to the business.

Migrating to Microsoft Azure

Computacenter have an established methodology and governance model in place to ensure a risk managed approach is taken when moving services from on-premises or other cloud provider into Azure.
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Discover More about Microsoft

Over the last three decades Computacenter has partnered with Microsoft to help organisations create environments in which their people can thrive.
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Our capabilities around Microsoft Azure

Our delivery teams hold Azure focussed certifications:

  • Azure Solutions Architect
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Azure Security Engineer
  • Azure Data Engineer
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Stack Hub