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University of Munich

A Medical Archive Grid, rebuilt from scratch

Hyper-scale data center for the Medical Center of the University of Munich

Computacenter implemented state-of-the-art, future-proof technology along with the corresponding storage systems and high-performance servers.




The previous storage infrastructure was at the end of its useful life and had to be systematically and methodically modernised. The aim was to create a high-availability database for real-time evaluations, and patient data. In addition, the previous architecture lacked a high-performance monitoring system for the overall environment, which needed to be addressed by the new solution.




In phase 2 of the “Medical Archive Grid” project, Computacenter brought together the most powerful server and storage systems available on the market. Over the next few years, the resulting network will come to form the IT basis for handling patient data and for conducting medical research at the Medical Center.




The solution from Computacenter means that the Medical Center of the University of Munich now possesses one of the most powerful storage environments within the medical field. At the same time as creating the environment, Computacenter also automated data center administration and introduced a high-performance monitoring and reporting system.


In Computacenter, we found a competent partner that not only possessed the necessary technical expertise but also responded to us with openness and creativity when it came to implementing changes or new requirements. This meant that alternative solutions could be incorporated in next to no time and, as a result, the entire project was completed within a year as planned

Robert Koppelstetter - Central Systems, Medical Center of the University of Munich

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