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Our strategy



In 2014, Computacenter set out an ambition to be Europe´s preferred IT provider to enable users and their business. The feedback we have received from our existing and potential customers has been very positive. This has included an appreciation for our strong focus on the end-user, which sets us apart from many other competitors with a much wider scope. With the consumerisation of IT going mainstream and the ‘shift to digital’ becoming a reality, we have updated our ambition statement to be ‘Europe’s preferred IT provider to enable users and their business in a digital world’.


Computacenter aims to be the multi-vendor Managed Services provider of choice for the IT infrastructures of our customers. We are able to make this multi-vendor distinction thanks to our strong relationships with major IT vendors. This enables us to provide our customers with independent and trusted advice about different and emerging technologies. Our focus on Managed Services is critical to retaining and maximising our customer relationships over the long term. Previously, Computacenter worked towards this objective primarily through physical processes and facilities. For example, customers would speak to our dedicated, 24x7 Global Service Desk when they needed an IT issue resolved. Going forward, these and other service delivery scenarios will evolve with processes being digitised and fulfilled through digital assets.

In response to the ‘shift to digital’, we intend to become the preferred Managed Services provider of hybrid, digital platform solutions. Our customers need digital platforms to help them cope with the growing complexity and fluidity of digital services, as well as to improve ongoing governance and management. Hybrid services and solutions blend digital and physical delivery channels and capabilities to enable businesses to grow faster and users to work smarter.

Computacenter aims to be the multivendor Managed Services provider of choice to run the IT infrastructures of our customers.


From disrupted to productive with our Next Generation Service Desk (NGSD).

With its self-service portal, web chat feature, intuitive user interface and constantly expanding knowledge database, NGSD is a great example of a hybrid – digital platform. We will continue to enrich our NGSD offering by extending its functionality and improving the user experience. NGSD is the latest example of solution innovation at Computacenter, and illustrates our ambition to enable users in a digital world.

Our Mobile Management solution drives enterprise mobility.

The Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution provides an integrated and highly secure desktop and mobile work environment that can be tailored to different workstyles and device ownership models. Advising, building and managing EMM and AppStore technologies from market-leading vendors represents a significant step on our journey to a digital workplace.

Increasing IT agility with our Hybrid and End-user Cloud Services.

Our hybrid cloud offering ranges from audits and blueprints, to planning, building and operating hybrid cloud infrastructures and management platforms efficiently and cost-effectively. We are also helping our customers to deploy and manage cloud-based services (for example Office 365) in the workplace. With our heritage in IT transformation and our experience in cloud enablement, we are a trusted advisor and key partner in these times of change.

Enabling users means securing users with our Managed Security Services (MSS).

By drawing on our existing consulting expertise and building a centralised security capability, we aim to defend ourselves and our customers against cyber threats. We want to protect and grow our Managed Services business by embedding MSS in current and future customer agreements.




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